Does steaming help with a cold?

No, steaming does not help your cold to pass faster. It can ensure that you experience the additional complaints less. A blocked nose often causes a stuffy feeling, which is very annoying. Especially if you do not get enough sleep as a result or if you wake up from your own snoring .

Steaming could also prevent a sinus or sinus infection. If you have cavities blocked by the mucus, there is a chance that the mucus will become inflamed. Steaming prevents your cavities from becoming clogged and therefore reduces the risk of inflammation.

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Why steam?

Do you have a cold and do you suffer from a stuffy feeling due to a stuffy nose? Steaming ensures that you clear your stuffy nose and sinuses. You can of course also do this with the help of a nasal spray , but if this does not work sufficiently, you naturally want a different solution. Steaming naturally loosens the mucus in your nose and sinuses. This often gives you a bit more air in your opinion.

Do you have questions about steaming because you feel that you are only starting to sniffle more? Then we are happy to remove these question marks from you. It makes perfect sense that at first you just seem to be producing more mucus. You have loosened the mucus in your nose and sinuses by steaming and that has to be removed.

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What is sinus infection?

With a sinus infection (also called sinus infection or sinusitis), the mucous membrane in one or more of the hollow spaces behind your nose, in your upper jaw or in your forehead (the sinuses) is inflamed. This mucous membrane is in contact with the mucous membrane in your nose by means of small channels.

Usually, a cold precedes sinus infection. The nasal mucosa is swollen because of the cold. The swelling spreads through the drainage channels to the sinuses. The mucous membranes can therefore not get rid of their waste products. The defense of the mucous membranes drops, viruses & bacteria can seem and inflammation originates.

What are the symptoms of sinus inflammation?

If you have sinus infection, you will have:

  • Pain in your forehead, above jaw or back your eyes
  • A stuffy nose, sometimes with yellow-green or bloody mucus
  • Coughing, if the mucus gets in your throat
  • Sometimes painful molars, for example when you chew

The pain is especially present in the morning and gets worse when you bend over. You can also get a fever.

How does sinus infection develop?

As mentioned, in many cases a cold is the cause of sinus inflammation. Sometimes an allergy can cause complaints that resemble a sinus infection. Symptoms that point in this direction are: sneezing, seasonal complaints and a lot of clear mucus.

Does sinus infection go away on its own?

Yes, sinus inflammation usually clears up on its own. The complaints usually disappear within a week.

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